First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in Poly Auctions. With your support, Poly has continued to grow in strength since our establishment in 2005.

Poly has the following major service departments: Modern & Contemporary Art, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Jewel Watch and Clock, Stamps Coins and Bronze Mirrors, Rare Wine and Assets , North America and International department and our overseas representative offices

Below are basic guidelines of our services:

A. Selling Authorization
   a. You can bring the original property you wish to sell directly to our specialistsat specific departments or
       client services personnel at Poly.

      Working hours: Monday – Friday 9:30 – 17:30 except national holidays

      Company address: 3rd Floor,
                                          New Poly Plaza
                                          1 Chaoyangmen North Road
                                          Dongcheng District
                                          P. R. China
      Telephone: 0086-10-64082277

   b. You can also send digital photography of your property and your contact details to the relative department
      in email:

      Modern and Contemporary Art Department: ddyh@polyauction.com

      Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Department

         Ancient Painting and Calligraphy: gdsh@polyauction.com
         Chinese Modern Painting and Calligraphy: sh@polyauction.com
         Painting and Calligraphy Seasonal Auctions: sj@polyauction.com
         Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting and Works of Art : ddsh@polyauction.com
         Chinese Rare Books and Manuscripts: gj@polyauction.com

      Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art Department

         Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art: gd@polyauction.com
         Ceramics & Works of Art seasonal Department: gd@polyauction.com

      Jewel Watch and Clock department: zb@polyauction.com

      Rare Wine and Assets department: zc@polyauction.com

      Stamps Coins and Bronze Mirrors department: yp@polyauction.com

      North America and International department: polyusa@polyauction.com

      Overseas Representative Offices:
         Shanghai Office:shanghai@polyauction.com
         Taiwan Office: havanajade@yahoo.com
         Japan Office: polyauction2005@gmail.com
         American Office: polyusa@polyauction.com

   After you have sent the emails, our specialists would:
        a. Call you for a meeting at our offices if your property is suitable for auction, so please make sure you
            send us your contact details.
        b. Email you if your property is not suitable for auction with us. We hope for your further support in the
            near future.

B. Selling Process
   Once we have achieved mutual agreement that the property is suitable for auction with Poly, a contract would
   be signed. Your property would be stored at Poly's until auction results are apparent.

   About Fees: Poly would not make any charges until the end of auction. After the auction, if
   a. The lot is sold. A 10% commission charge would be deducted from the hammer price, together with 1%
      insurance charge, 3% tax and appropriate charge for photography and printing (about 1000RMB depending
      on size).
   b. The lot is unsold. Your property would then be returned to you. Poly would notcharge any fees.

  For more details, please call us on 0086-10-64082277

  Beijing Poly Auction is the first and foremost choice to many VIP sellers and collectors. Poly's Art Investment
   Foundation can offer financial support and flexibility. Our VIP service department can offer long-term support
  and privacy to our clients. Please contact on 0086-10-64082159.

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